This project is to create a new experience museum in years 2050, a space that will allow the audience to pay more attention to the artefacts and space.
To let the audience to slow down their life and be more conscious within the moment.
At the entrance of the exhibit, a holographic message displaying a welcome sign is the first interaction with the audience.
Afterward, the holograph will slowly disappear for the visitors to enter the actual exhibit. This is the first stage to help the visitor slow down and get ready to experience the exhibit.
In each section, there will be a holograph telling the visitor about what is inside. This is to let the visitors pay more attention in their own time and engage with the exhibit space.
The visitors will be led by the glowing lights on the floor. When the sensor catches the movement, it will automatically light up the artefact in front of the visitor.
This is the sample of the walking pathway that will help the visitor walk through the museum. The white lines on the image show the path that will be lit by the motion sensors.
Title - Museum 2050
Year - March 2016
Space & Experience Design
Interactive Design
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