This brief is about transforming perspective by asked to pick one building and design it to a form of a book.
I chose the 23-24 Leinster Graden as my building. This is not a normal building because all it have is just a facade. There are so many rumors about this building, some said that this is the secret building of the UK government, some used this building to con people. But the true story is that the underground railway is cut through this area as it appeared in the photo. It has disvalue the area environment so they decided to build up this facade to recover the area.
I applied this idea in my book, the mysterious sense of cover design with the intriguing message of 'what lies beneath' let the audience to imagine but as you flip through this book you will realise that there are no story to tell.
If you have picked up this book, it means that you want to find out more about the story. The truth is that there are no story to tell in this book but there is a reason why I created it in such a way.
Human beings by nature are curious and highly imaginative
wanting to know more about unusual affairs. Often than not there are people who love to make up stories to entertain or to trick people. However, things are sometimes simpler than you think. It is good to not just hear the story but also to find out the truth of the way things actually are.

Thank You
Title - What Lies Beneath
Client - BA CSM Project
Year - January 2015
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